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Does Lemon Juice Burn Fat?

Many recent claims have been made from “experts” about lemon juice being an effective fat burner.

The question is “Does Lemon Juice Burn Fat?”

What does the research say?

After searching PubMed, the research archives of the National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health, I found nothing.

However, several studies have been used to promote the Lemon Juice Diet.

One being from the Journal of the American College of Nutrition which found that the pectin in Lemon Peels help reduce hunger pangs for up to four hours.  Pectin is also found in other fruits such as apples. Call me crazy but eating an organic apple is more appetizing than chomping on a lemon peel.

The other study came from researchers at Arizona State University.  The researchers suggested that people who eat more vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables tend to digest foods and lose weight more easily than people who do not consume as much vitamin C rich produce. Since this study is not exclusive to lemons, they are reaching a bit.  However, this study does show some of the benefits of lemons.

Bottom line

I could go on for pages on this subject; however, most people won’t take the time to read it.  So here is the bottom line…

Lemon juice does not directly burn more calories or more fat. But rather it works indirectly by improving digestion and detoxification. When the body is toxic and unable to digest and absorb foods properly, it becomes inflamed.  In this stressed state the body does not burn fat efficiently.

Fresh squeezed Lemon juice and supplements like Betaine HCL and Gentian Root help improve digestion by stimulating the production of adequate amounts of stomach acid.

When stomach acid is sufficient then the body becomes less inflamed, bloating and belching often subside and as the body heals itself it begins to burn fat more efficiently and becomes leaner.

Lemon juice is not a miracle weight loss cure and contrary to what some TV personalities claim, there is no research to show that it will cause the body to “burn an extra 100 calories per day.”  It is beneficial for health reasons and when combined with a consistent nutrition and training plan, you will achieve a leaner, more defined body.

To obtain the benefits of Lemon Juice try this:

1. Take the juice of 1 organic lemon and mix it with 4 ounces of room temperature water.  Drink it first thing in the morning. You can add a dash of cayenne pepper for a thermogenic calorie-burning boost.  Many people report a noticeable increase in energy afterwards.

2. Add freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice to your water. If you want to make it sweet then add a few drops of the natural sweetener Stevia.  This healthy “Lemonade” helps lower stress hormone levels (cortisol) in the body by creating a more alkaline environment.

Live Greatly,


Billy Beck III

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  • Billy Beck says:

    When it comes to getting lean and being your best, that is, living up to your full genetic potential. Health must first be addressed. Consider this. If your immune function is suppressed (not optimal), then your ability to burn fat and build muscle is also suppressed. When immune function is optimal then so is your ability to recover, build muscle and burn fat. Approximately 80% of immune function is located in your gut. Therefore, digestion must be healthy for optimal results. Most approaches compromise immune function through starvation, over-exercising and many approaches negatively affect digestion and absorption. To create lasting physical change and have the energy to live a great life you must focus on total health. The truth is the body changes on the inside and then works its way out.

  • Dragon says:

    Thanks for the info Billy!! This is important information for the masses! ive been hearing a lot of people falsely stating that lemon juice does in fact burn fat, ill be forwarding this post to them and im going to write FACE in the subject line 🙂

  • FACE! Lol! Good one Dragon!

  • Jen says:

    Eeeee im so glad i read this, i have a whole lemon and lime’s juice in a pint of water for every work out because i was told it would work utter fat-be-gone miracles, it tastes foul (in my opinion) and hasnt really made a huge different (unsurprisingly), not to mention its bad for your teeth!! I will be going back to the gym bunnies showing them this and watch their face as they appear to be (and literally are) sucking on lemons!!!!

  • Waris Naheed says:

    Lemon juice when freshly squeezed on top of a food (gravy,rice, filling etc) lowers the glycemic index of that food. Thus diabetics will definitely benefit from this advice. Or if you don’t prefer a slightly sour meal than you can always drink an ice-cool glass of water with a twist of lemon in it. The peel when shredded with a grater and added to food as a pickle or as an ingredient will act as a bitter tonic. Oh and one more tiny factoid: rubbing lemon juice on the skin may not burn subcutaneous fat bu it sure tones up the skin.

  • DORIS says:

    My aunt drank a whole squeezed lemon with some drops of water every morning and night after meals. Her cholesterol level dropped significantly. Her doctor was shocked!!! She did this as a trial for 3 months as she did not want to take cholesterol lowering meds.

    I have a fatty liver and started doing the same three days ago. In 3 months I am going for blood work to measure status. I will be losing 10lbs and working out as well. I am only 5 lbs over weight for my height and age. I am a VERY healthy eater and work out 3x a week. I am curious to see if this lemon thing works 🙂