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Nutrition Cycling: The Ultimate Body Transformation Diet

When I first became a trainer I remember sitting down with clients and asking them about their nutrition. At the time, I was a collegiate football player, competitive bodybuilder and tough man fighter so I always ate like an athlete. When people began telling me all of the different diets that they had tried I was blown away. I didn’t even recognize many of them. So like the big nerd that I am I went to Borders Bookstore and immersed myself in the diet book section. Over the course of a few months I read 68 different diet books. All it did was confuse me even more. LOL! 🙂

Then I had an epiphany. I realized that when I wanted to add muscle I ate differently and trained differently to achieve the result. When I changed my goal to burning fat and getting ripped I again shifted how I ate and trained. The epiphany was this – when the goal changes so does the plan. The goal and plan must be aligned. This simple strategy is often overlooked. I call this NUTRITION CYCLING. It eliminates the confusion created by most diets and makes the experience of eating much more pleasurable and sustainable. Bottom line: it works.

How does it work? Basically there are 3 different types of meals that produce specific results. Learn all about them and how you can use NUTRITION CYCLING to burn fat fast, build lean muscle, get energized and detoxify your body.

Watch the video now and post your comments below.

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  • Billy Beck says:

    I wanted to give you even more information so you can put to use what you just learned right away. Here’s how a Sample Week may look like for someone looking to maximize fat burning.

    Monday-Tuesday consume FIRE Meals

    Wednesday consume FUEL Meals

    Thursday-Saturday consume FIRE Meals

    Sunday consume FUEL MEALS and a FREE MEAL

    How it works
    By temporarily removing complex carbohydrates and fruits from your eating plan, the body will burn stored fat at an accelerated rate. Do this too long (beyond 3 days for most people) and the body begins to breakdown muscle tissue and slows metabolism. Remember too much is not a good thing. Stick to the plan as outlined for 3 weeks.

    If you have questions just post them below and I will check back later.

  • Blayne says:

    Hi Billy-

    I like the concept of “fuel/fire” style carb cycling, but was wondering what your thoughts are around timing in regard to workouts. It seems like there should be some timing correlation between the fuel diet days and workout days in order to replenish glycogen supplies at an optimum time for muscle repair. Say for example I’m on a Tues/Thurs/Sat workout routine, what would you suggest for days to time the fuel meals versus fire meals? Or should I be focusing more on timing of the fuel meals during the day (say prior to and immediately after my workouts?)


  • Jamese says:

    What about fruit? Can you eat fruit on fire meal days? I usually have a protein shake with fruit in it as a post workout meal.

    • Billy Beck says:

      Fruit would be classified as a high octane carbohydrate. It would be part of a FUEL meal. In your case, protein shake with fruit post workout. If the goal is to add muscle. Good choice. A high glycemic fruit like a ripe banana would be ideal. (a green banana is slower digesting, a ripe banana is absorbed much faster which is ideal post workout)

  • Gina says:

    Hi Billy! Quick question, where do you find Elk? Would love to try it.