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The Rice Experiment – This Will Blow Your Mind!

The Rice Experiment

Are these words stopping you from getting what you want?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Choose your words wisely”. Usually some action hero in a movie states these boldly before he taps a keg of whoop ass.

However, there may be more to it.

Do the words you use create the life and body you live in?

I have always believed this to be true but it was not until recently that I found a way to put it to the test.  It all began when I watched a documentary called “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Dr. Emoto is a Japanese researcher who conducted research on the formation of water crystals on various stimuli. I won’t go into detail here because I won’t do it justice. You have to see it for yourself. You can pick a copy of the documentary on Amazon at the link below.

Hidden Messages in Water

The experiment that really grabbed my attention was a simple one that anyone can do.

All you need is rice and some patience.

The Rice Experiment

1. Place 1 cup of Cooked Rice into two separate containers. Place a lid on each.

2. Mark one container with a positive phrase. I used “Thank You Rice”

3. Mark the other container with a negative phrase. I used “Stupid Rice”

4. Place them in your kitchen at least 12 inches apart.

5. Once or more every day say aloud to the rice container the phrase written on it. I know this sounds nuts but just try it. For example, every time I went into my kitchen I would say “Thank You Rice” and “Stupid Rice” Try to say it from a place of gratitude (thank you) and a place of anger and frustration (stupid). Before you write this off as something that crazy Billy Beck III said, remember…

“Open Minds Open Doors to the Impossible.”

The Results


After 20 Days, The “Thank You Rice” had a sweet aroma and maintained its white color. The “Stupid Rice” possessed a foul odor, became darker in color and formed a mold.


Let’s Take a Closer Look

The Thank You Rice on Day 20








Thank You Rice After 20 Days



The Stupid Rice on Day 20








The Stupid Rice After 20 Days




What Does This Mean?

The words we say have a powerful affect on everything around us. Whether it is rice or a human being. Your words have a profound impact on others and yourself.

Positive words with good intentions behind them nurture and encourage growth.

Negative words with negative emotions literally rot and destroy.

Think about it. Have you ever been around someone who literally sucked the energy out of you?

Sometimes this happens even when they don’t say anything negative.

This is because it is not just what we say that matters, it is what we think. Our lives are result of our most common thoughts.

If you habitually think great things of yourself, of others and the world around you, then you add to the greatness and nurture the world around. If you habitually complain, criticize and find the bad in others and in most things, then you are “rotting the rice.” Change your thoughts, Change your world.

If you are honest about this, you know it is true. We all know this is true. We don’t need rice to tell us this but it is really cool to do. Try it.

One last thing to think about…

How do your thoughts about your body affect your appearance, health, energy & what actions you take?

If you wish to achieve your all-time best body it begins by feeding your body positive thoughts.  Like “I am a warrior, I am strong, My body is amazing, I love my body, I love life, I am awesome. I am unstoppable!” You get the picture.

Don’t rot your rice!  😀

Post your comments below.

Live Greatly,


Billy Beck III

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.” – Marcus Aurelius


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  • That’s such a powerful testimony of how our words and thoughts effect our physiology on a cellular level. That was such a cool experiment and I’m still in shock about the whole thing. Great test and thanks for sharing such life-changing information!

  • I think everyone should do this test on their own to really get the magnitude of it. Many people never reach their own potential because their own thoughts are holding them back. In my 25 years of research I continually see a pattern and it involves the thought process. This is a great experiment Billy thanks for sharing.

    If it opens up one persons eyes to the possibilities in front of them it helps change the world.

    All the best,
    JB Glossinger

  • I’m a big believer in the power of words, but never saw it in a tangible experiment. Thank you!

  • Dragon says:

    Eye opening experiment to say the least! Having seen these results in person I can say that they evidence is undeniable. The words we program ourselves to use directly affect the outcome of our actions!! Awesome!!

  • lynne abbott says:

    WOW!. It’s so true about keeping negative out of your life and this really shows what it can do. I am going to do this experiment with my kids. Thanks.

  • Jennifer Whitehead says:

    Thank you Billy! I love it! I can actually picture you talking to the rice:) It is an amazing experiment with results that we all need to be reminded of. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ken Ruiz says:

    Billy, your email this morning was the first. Awesome, love it!
    I am ALERT! I am ALIVE! I FEEL & LOOK GREAT! ( I added the “look” to my long time Rotary chant) .
    Thank you for what you do! And yes, I will have a great weekend! Live today with gusto, Ken

  • Keith Heron says:

    That is one of the things that I live by Billy and the more you keep yourself conscious of positive thinking and acting the easier it becomes . Like any exercise program it may not be easy but the benefits far outweigh the efforts . One love ! // Keith

    • Williams45 says:

      That is one of the factors that I stay by Billy and the more you keep yourself aware of beneficial considering and performing the simpler it becomes .

      Des Moines Fitness

  • Sandy says:

    Thank you so much Billy for posting this. I believe so much about positive and negative thoughts. But, to be honest I’ve really been doing a lot of bad self-talk lately. This was a great reminder that all those two second, matter-of-fact, negative thoughts add up.


  • Abhishek says:


  • Hristo says:

    I met Emoto and have his book. He is a very humble man. He does not even speak English.

    Great test my friend.

  • Tina Murphy says:

    Wow this really is amazing! Kids are out for summer and this will be our first fun project. Thank you for all your amazing positive energy! =-)

  • Tomoe Cooper says:

    I found your article through your shouts on Empire Avenue.
    I really enjoyed reading it. It is an intriguing experiment and I
    agree that there is a power that we emit when we say negative or
    positive messages out there in the universe. It affected the rice
    which is the outer source but it certainly must affect our inner
    sources as well – scary thought, actually.

    And I couldn’t help but think about your face when you were saying
    “Thank You Rice”… “Stupid Rice”… it is sooo cute.

    Thank you for this article

  • Sean Greeley says:

    Good stuff Billy!

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    I’m going to replicate the experiment in our office with the entire team.

    And assuming we duplicate the results, will “pay if forward” by sharing with all our folks.



    • Billy Beck says:

      Thanks Sean! I played the documentary “Hidden Messages in Water” in our team meeting and then surprised them with the results a few weeks later. You should have seen everyone’s faces! Let me know how it goes! Thanks!

  • Lisa Benton says:

    What an amazing illustration of the connection between thoughts and energy! Thanks so much for sharing your results. If you haven’t already read The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, it’s worth the read-he does an excellent job of explaining the details of how thoughts translate into energy, and how that energy creates tangible changes in our lives and even our DNA. If you haven’t already seen “cloud bursting,” that is another fascinating example of thought energy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFyDdUx9IdM&feature=related
    Thanks again!

  • When I see the way some parents speak to their children or criticize their mate, it breaks my heart. What’s more heartbreaking is when someone belittles claiming that the criticism is “constructive” or coming from a place of love. Just sad.

    You can criticize or encourage. One kills, while the other gives life.

    Live Your Dreams,

    Jill Koenig
    Author, Goals Coach

  • Jackie311 says:

    Did you take the lid off when you talked to the rice? Think about saying, “Stupid rice” in an angry way. I’m guessing a little spit got in the stupid rice.
    sago · Like

    • Billy Beck says:

      No Jackie. Both were sealed and air-tight for 20 days. Angry spit was not a factor. I can see you are skeptical as was I. I suggest rather than guess and try to logically make sense of it just try it for yourself.

  • jackie311 says:

    By the way:, the things that are rotting the rice (bacteria and mold) are also living things.

    • Billy Beck says:

      Yes, you are correct. The intention of the words was placed on the rice itself rather than the bacteria and mold. “Thank You Rice” and “Stupid Rice” It would be interesting to do the experiment retro. Hmmmm….that’s a good idea. I think I will. Thanks Jackie! 🙂

  • Billy,

    I love your attitude and your excellent content. What a great story! I am definitely going to try this experiment ….on MY BODY.

    Keep up the GREAT work. The world needs more men like you.


  • Mirian says:

    I knew the experiment by Mr Omoto from the documentary ‘What The Bleep Do We Know?” But this is simple and can be done at home. Cool stuff. Thanks!

  • Magic Mary Austin says:

    You can see similar results in your gardens and indoor plants. Talking nicely to them works wonders.

  • […] 5. Once or more every day say aloud to the rice container the phrase written on it. I know this sounds nuts but just try it.  For example, every time I went into my kitchen I would say “Thank You Rice” and “Stupid Rice”  Try to say it from a place of gratitude (thank you) and a place of anger and frustration (stupid).   To see the results click here […]

  • Brien Shamp says:

    I have been meaning to do this experiment for a few years now. Thanks for taking the time to confirm Billy!

  • […] 5. Once or more every day say aloud to the rice container the phrase written on it. I know this sounds nuts but just try it.  For example, every time I went into my kitchen I would say “Thank You Rice” and “Stupid Rice”  Try to say it from a place of gratitude (thank you) and a place of anger and frustration (stupid).   To see the results click here […]

  • Leah says:

    I thought it was so amazing. I was so excited about it I told my husband about the it and the first thing that came out of his mouth was “that i was stupied and now im worshipping the rice.” But im going to do it anyway to show him the impact of his words. Maybe he see the light

  • maryam fatima says:

    this is a wonnddddderrrrful experiment and a wonderful discovery:)

  • Kelly says:

    This is one of the silliest and stupidest things I’ve seen on the internet. You did this ONE time with one pair of containers, and you think that is actually EVIDENCE for anything? Besides your own gullibility, that is.

    Your high school science teacher ought to be ashamed.

    • Billy Beck says:

      Kelly, to answer your question. I did this experiment on 14 separate occasions using not only rice but also eggs. You can see it the results from the egg experiment on the site. It’s funny how you and others automatically disregard the experiment and resort to negativity and simply being rude. LOL! When I heard of Dr. Emoto’s research I thought it was BS too. But rather than disregard it, I put it to the test. I suggest you do the same. Let me know what happens. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  • Billybob says:

    I think it’s because word’s like “stupid” ‘f’n rice” etc. cause you to spit onto the rice causing the mold.

  • Billy Beck says:

    Here is a friend of mine( who is very successful and intelligent ) putting the rice experiment to the test. http://www.fitnessmarketingmuscle.com/the-rice-experiment/

    Thanks for sharing Sean!

  • […] Source:  http://www.billybeck.com/mental-conditioning/the-rice-experiment-this-will-blow-your-mind […]