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The 3 Most Common Workout Mistakes

By January 5, 2012Physical Training

Watch this video filmed “live” at BB3 Breakthrough in front of a sold out crowd of over six hundred people. Here Billy explains 3 of the most common workout mistakes that people make even professional athletes.

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  • Syl :) says:

    LOVE THIS!!! You are amazing on stage B!
    You just MAKES us WANT to learn and get better!


  • Victor V says:

    Is it me in my old age or did you only give 2 of the 3 Common Workout Mistakes above in your presentation?

  • Jennifer Whitehead says:

    Awesome Billy! I can’t wait to hear what you have to teach us this year! Your seminars are amazing and by going to them, I have personally transformed my way of life, and my body:) See you Thursday!

  • No one should miss this seminar! Too much good and applicable info to miss out on! I can’t wait to hear about the 9 week fat loss program! Also can’t wait to leArn how the foods we eat can help get us leaner even when under lots is stress ( which makes us fat)

  • That clip is funny yet very informative. This is someone I would like to see in person. The transformations on the second page are outstanding, especially the first one. I missed the seminar but IÂ’m going to do a little search a see if I can find his book. IÂ’d like to really sit down and read. Maybe I could offer to some of my visitors as well.

  • Aaron B says:

    “Training like a disney character” hahaha, nice!
    “Muscles expand by demand” – great saying.

    I see people go to the gym and randomly waltz through their workout and waste time by not having a plan as you said. I’ve done it in the past myself, and all I did back then was spend my wheels.

    I tell my subscribers the same thing, because I have experienced firsthand the crucial difference having a plan before getting to the gym can make.

    Great video 😉

  • Grace Miller says:

    So when you write an essay, (or film script, story, etc) you must know who your audience are, your characters, theme, problem, etc? Right? Well same thing goes for going to the gym and workouts. You must know what you’d like to accomplish, the FITT principle, etc.

    Well said, Billy. And hey, when’re you going to the blog post about insulin and such?