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The Truth About Getting a Flat Belly or a Six Pack (Workout Included)

By October 10, 2011Physical Training
Who doesn’t want a six pack or a flat belly? Savvy marketers and fitness “experts” all promise they have the solution. It usually comes in the form of some magic piece of info-mercial exercise device or a new DVD calorie burning workout or a special aerobics class or a diet book or even a diet pill. It’s all a great way to make a few bucks and leave a lot of people frustrated. In this video from my Physical Mastery Coaching Club, I share the truth about getting a flat belly or a six pack and even share a quick and effective ab workout you can do at home, on the road, at the gym or anywhere. My special guest is 2-time Women’s Tri-Fitness World Champion, Sylvia Ferrero. 

The BB3 Anywhere Ab Workout


A1. Reverse Crunches  performed slowly (Up 2 seconds, Down 2 seconds) 10 reps

Rest 10 seconds

A2. Reverse Crunches performed faster but under control (Up 1 second, Down 1 second) 20 reps

A3. Torso Crunches performed slowly (up 2 seconds, Hold at top 2 seconds, Down 2 seconds) 10 reps

Rest 10 seconds

A4. Torso Crunches performed faster but under control (up 1 seconds, Down 1 second) 20 reps

Rest 30-60 seconds

Complete 2-3 circuits

The Truth Is You Need More Than Just a Workout…An Effective Workout is Critical But You Need the Right Combination of the 3 Pillars of Power. 

1. Physical Training (Challenge the body with weights and cardio)

2. Effective Eating (Eat enough of the right foods and in the right combination)

3. Mental Conditioning (Maybe the most important because it allows for consistency of the other two)


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