• Michelle Marie Diaz
    Michelle Marie Diaz
    Michelle Marie Diaz – Elite Fitness Professional and Author Billy Beck III is the REAL DEAL! The true description of an ELITE trainer. His passion for transforming people’s bodies and...
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  • Sylvia Ferrero
    Sylvia Ferrero
    Sylvia Ferrero – Women’s Tri-Fitness World Champion Billy Beck III not only owns his craft but puts his entire heart and soul into what he practices and preaches! His upfront,...
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  • Kim Herring
    Kim Herring
    Kim Herring – NFL Defensive Back “Billy Beck III exemplifies what a MASTER Trainer should be. Throughout all of my many years playing in the NFL and working with many...
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  • Matt Weincek
    Matt Weincek
    I first had the pleasure of meeting a then teenage Billy Beck when I was in high school back in Pittsburgh. We both played football together, hung out with the...
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  • Roy Hernandez
    Roy Hernandez
    Transforming my body and achieving my best shape ever was no easy challenge. Thanks to Billy Beck III’s excellent training and nutrition plan I went from a soft 12.8% body...
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  • Caesar
  • Chris Cain
  • Denise Johnston
    Denise Johnston
    Several months ago, I saw myself as a forty-something, pre-menopausal, overweight woman swimming in a gene pool with hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis floating in it. I realized I...
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  • Jocelyn Wagner
    Jocelyn Wagner
    “Thanks Billy for helping me get into to the best shape of my life and in only 10 weeks. I never thought that I could achieve any thing like this....
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  • Joey Tetarenko
    Joey Tetarenko
    NHL Hockey Player “Working with Billy allowed me to play at the highest level possible. After meeting with many NHL strength coaches, I can tell you that Billy Beck III...
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  • Lance Ward
    Lance Ward
    NHL Hockey Player “Billy’s intensity and knowledge has been a tremendous help in improving my performance and attaining my fitness goals. I have never been in better shape in my...
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  • Mark
    Never Worked Out in his Life! It started out as a birthday gift for my wife, Tina. I had received subtle (and some not so subtle) urgings from Tina that...
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  • René Beck
    René Beck
    During the past eight weeks, I have set and accomplished a goal I never thought possible. I am proud to say I dedicated myself to eating properly and working out...
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  • Robby Wagner
    Robby Wagner
    In only 16 weeks, I lost over 30 pounds of fat while adding muscle at the same time. I even placed second in a natural bodybuilding contest. My body fat...
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  • Scott “Ziggy” Murin
    Scott “Ziggy” Murin
    I have never felt better in my life. As a hairstylist and bartender, I sometimes find myself in a less than optimal position. My trainer, Billy Beck, is more than...
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  • Shirron Richardson
    Shirron Richardson
    “I Wouldn’t Eat That If I Were You.” On December 31st, I attended a New Year’s Eve Dinner cruise on the Gateway Clipper with my boyfriend, Anthony. As new years...
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  • Elizabeth
  • Paul Krajacic
    Paul Krajacic
    Billy Beck is the world’s greatest trainer! In six months, I went from a 145lb weakling to 180lbs of solid muscle – putting on thirty pounds of muscle! The education...
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  • Heath Irwin
    Heath Irwin
    NFL Offensive Lineman “I have been in weight rooms since I was 9 years old and worked with some of the best trainers in the world, so I thought I...
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  • Terrell Buckley
    Terrell Buckley
    NFL Defensive Back
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  • Pat B
  • Sandy Rollo
    Sandy Rollo
    For many years, I was in good shape and able to maintain a decent size through exercise and a good diet. Then two years ago, I was diagnosed with Graves...
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  • Bob Fargo
    Bob Fargo
    Let me tell you about Billy Beck’s program. IT WORKS. Quite simply, not over stated or understated: IT WORKS. I have been working out and training for nearly 20 years....
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