Billy Beck III
The 7 Essential Factors to Transform Your Body

Elected to the Fitness Hall of Fame
2x Winner World’s Best Personal Trainer Contest
Voted Personal Trainer of the Year

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Tony Robbins
There is a reason Billy Beck has won the World’s Greatest Trainer Contest — He is truly extraordinary. The demands of my life require as much as 16 hours on stage, and I’ve always just dealt with the chronic pain. Today I can tell you that with his help, I’m in the best shape of my life and I do more with less pain than I ever could in my twenties.

Tony Robbins

Sylvia Ferrero
Billy Beck III not only owns his craft but puts his entire heart and soul into what he practices and preaches! His upfront, no BS approach to getting results (period!) was monumental in helping me conquer the mental and physical challenges that come with elite level athletics. No fluff… just the real deal. Billy is a master of the art and science of transforming physiques and lives! If you are ready to really dig in, sweat and earn the change you desire, you’ve come to the right place!

Sylvia Ferrero – Women’s Tri-Fitness World Champion

Kim Herring
Billy Beck III exemplifies what a MASTER Trainer should be. Throughout all of my many years playing in the NFL and working with many coaches and trainers, I can tell you that Billy’s training and nutrition strategies far surpass anything that I’ve ever learned.

Kim Herring – NFL Player


Mission Makeover: Billy Makes The Ladies Cry

Mission Makeover: Billy Makes The Ladies Cry

Getting Started On The Weight Loss Journey – Mission Makeover Episode 2. In this episode I teach the Mission Makeover ladies the importance of breaking through mental barriers as well as the importance of mastering your emotions. I also push the ladies to take the one step most people never ever take!

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Stairway To Heaven

Stairway To Heaven

BB3 TV: The Training, Nutrition & Mindset to Live Like A Lion! Highlights from this week’s episode: 1 minute 13 seconds: Stairway To Heaven Workout. 3 minutes 22 seconds: BB3 Uncut. 3 minutes 46 seconds: BB3 “Living It” Jenna Neaves.

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Results Driven

Lean and Mean

Lean and Mean: Fat Burning Secrets of the World’s Best Personal Trainer

Billy Beck III, voted the MET-Rx World’s Best Personal Trainer 2-times for delivering results, brings to you some of his proven strategies to shedding fat fast, creating relentless energy and mastering your mind. This is not some made up program this has been battle-tested with real people in the real world. The key to physical transformation can be found in the 3 Pillars of Power. Once you know these you can put them into immediate action by taking Billy’s 7 Day Challenge. A complete program that creates unstoppable momentum. Don’t wait any longer get started now!

5 Star Reviews

  • Agreeing 100 percent

    I chose the rating of 5 because Billy is right!!!! He’s not sugar coating or holding your hand ,it’s basically get the S*** done do it right or step to the side. He’s giving us a life changing formula and those who are ready will implement it ,it’s sounds tough but we can do it those sculpted bodies that we see all the time started from hard work and perseverance.I need help because I’ve lost 40 lbs and seemed to have plateaued if someone can contact me I can explain my dilemma but by all means I used my own body weight and ate properly,

  • Billy is One of a Kind. Highly Suggest this to Anyone Looking to Get Fit

    Read this book, went on vacation, and read it again. It’s amazing how much information is in this book. Billy is one of a kind, I’d debate there is nobody out there like him. He is so dedicated to his craft it’s almost scary. Everything from the nutritional plan to demonstrations on different lifts is included. Billy defies myths and states facts about everything needed to get in shape. If you can’t take his advice from this book and apply it for 60 days, fitness isn’t for you. I’m embarking on the mission now!

  • Highly recommend for anyone looking for a great battle plan without all the gimmicky BS.

    I really enjoyed the book and look forward to seeing my personal results. Take charge of your life and start today.

  • Terrific Book!

    Awesome advise with minimal BS. Beck is inspirational and concise. I’m listening to the audible version again as I do these reviews.

  • Wealth of Info for the price

    Honestly have learned both new things and a revision of what I learned from other books and experience. But this is definitely worth a buy with a wealth of information. Seriously, $1 and you get some damn great advice.

  • Success at last!

    I am 62, post menopausal. In the last year I’ve gained 20 pounds while trying to take off weight. So now I’m 50 pounds overweight! I have lost count of the books I have bought, the supplements I’ve tried. Nothing worked for me until I read this book. I wish it was more complete but the author has to make a living. It is complete enough to work though and I am grateful.

    Do the 7 day challenge and I promise you won’t look back! Your life will be changed forever.