BB3 Platinum Coaching

What’s Included
Online Coaching with Billy
Monthly Nutrition Coaching
Scientifically proven approach to get LEAN, Strong and Energized. And you will even be able to do it at a Tony event!
Monthly Supplementation Protocol
Know EXACTLY what supplements to take and the correct dosages.
Monthly Physical Training Plan
Don’t waste time doing too much or getting injured. work SMARTER not harder.
Results Tracking System
Is it working? This is how you know.
CYBER SCAN Assessment
FDA-approved medical device that helps pinpoint imbalances within the body.
This is referred to as “Bio-Cybernetic Feedback” and is the future of health and performance.
DNA Diet and Exercise Lab Testing
Know exactly what type of exercise and nutrition program works best for you based off of science.
Monthly One-On-One Phone or Video Coaching: Basically this is how it works:
You get Billy’s cell phone number so you can set up a time for coaching or text him when you have a question.
Come To Billy’s Training Center in West Palm Beach and Work With Billy in Person Once Every 3 Months. This is the NEXT LEVEL. Here you will experience the energy work and muscle testing techniques that Billy has used to help 5 World Heavyweight Boxing Champions, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Tony himself.

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Live Like a Lion

Tony Robbins

There is a reason Billy Beck has won the World’s Greatest Trainer Contest — He is truly extraordinary. The demands of my life require as much as 16 hours on stage, and I’ve always just dealt with the chronic pain. Today I can tell you that with his help, I’m in the best shape of my life and I do more with less pain than I ever could in my twenties.

Tony Robbins

Sylvia Ferrero

Billy Beck III not only owns his craft but puts his entire heart and soul into what he practices and preaches! His upfront, no BS approach to getting results (period!) was monumental in helping me conquer the mental and physical challenges that come with elite level athletics. No fluff… just the real deal. Billy is a master of the art and science of transforming physiques and lives! If you are ready to really dig in, sweat and earn the change you desire, you’ve come to the right place!

Sylvia Ferrero – Women’s Tri-Fitness World Champion

Kim Herring

Billy Beck III exemplifies what a MASTER Trainer should be. Throughout all of my many years playing in the NFL and working with many coaches and trainers, I can tell you that Billy’s training and nutrition strategies far surpass anything that I’ve ever learned.

Kim Herring – NFL Player