Blog: Effective Eating

I often get asked, “What diet do you recommend?”

I don’t recommend any diet.

Instead my goal is to always help you understand and enjoy eating in a manner that will help you achieve your physical goals…and the cool thing is you will not feel like you are dying.

In fact, you will be blown away how simple eating to fuel fat loss and performance really is.

In this video, I share my “FIRE FUEL” meal planning system.  At this point, I have taught this to thousands of people from chronic dieters to professional athletes and the top nutrition researchers on the planet earth and it has even been featured in a best selling book.  This way of eating is so simple it may be genius. (Ok, that may be taking it too far.)

Either way, the Rapid Fire Nutrition System is a game changer.

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It’s good for my self-esteem. Ha! 🙂