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This is the introduction to “ULTIMATE EATING” which will be released at a later date.  Stay tuned.


The Ultimate Eating Strategy
To Burn Fat,
Add Lean Muscle
Create Relentless Energy!

Table of Contents



1. Why most people fail: 7 Deadly Sins of Dieting

2. Universal Laws of Burning Fat


4. Creating Your Master Plan

5. How to Cut Your Body Fat In Half in Less Than 90 Days.

6. The Menus

7. The Recipes

8. The Flavor Enhancers

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“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”
– Thomas Edison, Harpers Monthly 1932

In the world of fitness, I have heard it said many times that: “It is 10% exercise and 90% nutrition”. While there is no way to measure the accuracy of this statement, my experience has led me to believe that Ultimate Physical Success is a combination of 3 factors:

  1. Mental Conditioning
  2. Physical Training
  3. An Effective and Sustainable Eating Strategy

If your goal is to burn fat, add muscle and achieve relentless energy then neither of the three can be neglected as they are each an integral part of the equation. With that said, I must admit that nutrition is the most challenging to understand and apply. After all, it is a twenty-four hour deal and

  • We love food.
  • We love to go out and stuff our faces.
  • Who wants to starve themselves?
  • Who wants to stop eating their favorite foods?
  • Not you and not me.

Then how do you achieve and maintain a lean, chiseled physique?

That is what I intend to share with you in this course.

The information in Ultimate Eating is a culmination of my years as a personal fitness professional, strength coach and athlete. I was very fortunate to have a father who emphasized the importance of training and nutrition. For my fourth birthday, I received my first set of weights and a punching bag. Later at the age of 12, I ditched my bed and filled my room with a weight bench and exercise equipment. My passion to learn and achieve more grew each day. By the time I reached college I was an all-conference football player and working as a strength and conditioning coach for Trinity High School Football. I loved every minute of it. Soon my passion led me to the gym where I began helping people maximize their genetic potential. I quickly realized that a personal trainer had many roles to fill. I needed to master not only the subjects of bio-mechanics, exercise instruction, nutrition, and supplementation but also to develop a deep understanding of human psychology and behavior. It was clear that to have my clients achieve ultimate long lasting success; I would need to educate them in such a way that they could absorb and apply the information on a continuous basis. To accomplish this I began reading hundreds of books, articles and journals. I attended countless seminars. Those that I could not attend physically, I would purchase the video series and studied them intensely. I felt that one certification was not enough so I attained over a dozen. I was relentless in my search for excellence and would seek out the “experts” in every field that I felt was vital to helping my clients achieve and maintain physical success. I would call, send letters, e-mail, pay them or knock on their door. Whatever it took to get inside their heads and capture their knowledge, I did it. As soon as I learned something I would put it to the test, first on myself and then with others keeping detailed records of what proved to be truly effective and what was simply irrelevant theory.

By the age of 22, my ability to help others achieve their all-time physical best began to garner the attention of the physically elite. I began working with dozens of drug free competitive bodybuilders, fitness and figure competitors and professional athletes. This proved to be a valuable learning experience as advanced training and nutrition strategies were put to the test. With my clients consistently finishing in the Top 5 and continuously improving, I decided that I needed to walk the walk. As a result, I trained and competed in the Mason-Dixon Victors Crown Bodybuilding Championships. By applying all of the knowledge that I had garnered and personally researched and with the help of the top nutritionists, I walked away victorious.

I subsequently continued to coach, educate and motivate my clients and many others through not only personal training but also seminars, radio and television appearances and articles. By the age of 25, I had been awarded the MET-Rx World’s Best Personal Trainer Contest Champion for two consecutive years and was named the Personal Trainer of the Year by PEAK and Personal Fitness Professional Magazine.

I tell you all of this not to impress you but to impress upon you the fact that what you are about to read is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. This is not theory; it has been proven thousands of times. I do not claim to have invented it; many others have stated this same information before. What no one has ever stated is how to systematically apply this knowledge. If you have ever attempted to follow a diet or eating plan before then you know that the challenge lies in “sticking to it in the real world.” That is what is unique about this course. After all, what do most people do when they buy a “diet book?

Do they actually read it?

I recently read a statistic that stated that 90% of people who buy a book never read it past the first chapter!

I think this number is even greater when it comes to “diet books” because everyone I ask admits that they go directly to the “What do I eat and what don’t I eat section”.

Is this you? If not, then forget I brought it up. If it is then I need you to make a promise to me and yourself. A promise and commitment to read this course from start to finish.

I have designed it to be easily read and the information to be applied quickly. If you really want to achieve noticeable results and develop an eating plan that you can live with, then it is essential for you to grasp the upcoming concepts. They will serve as your bullet-proof vest, a virtual armor, to all the latest, ineffective diets, pills and powders that waste your time and money. Although you may be tempted by amazing marketing ploys for supplements and quick fix diets, you will possess the power to quickly analyze and decide whether the product or diet is worthwhile or not.

The following pages will take you by the hand and lead you to mental clarity on how to get your best body ever and keep it that way.

In the first chapter, you will discover the 7 Deadly Sins of Destructive Diets. These ruthless tactics may initially appear to lead you to the Promised Land but they take you to a city called Fats Ville.

In the next chapter, the Universal Laws of Physical Change will be unveiled. You will attain an understanding of how the body rids itself of stored fat and what is needed for you to make it happen.

In Chapter three, the EAT PRINCIPLES will be presented. These are the essential traits of effective eating.

With the knowledge to physically change now embedded in your mind, you will then move into Chapter IV: CREATING YOUR MASTER PLAN. This chapter is the critical, often-overlooked step to goal achievement. Here you will define your objective and develop a sense clarity as to what you want to achieve.

Next, you will come to the most powerful concept in this course….one which has never been shared anywhere before. This is one of my secret strategies for creating continuous physical improvement and relentless energy. Most diet plans force you to stick to rigid guidelines with no room for error. I learned quickly that this only led to failure. Long term success is the result of developing your ability to adapt to any environment. I refer to this as “Shifting Gears”. Once you learn to “Shift Gears” then you will have the power to adapt to any schedule, any event, any vacation or anything that life throws at you. You will possess the power to stay the course. After all, even one small step in the right direction leads to massive improvement over a period of weeks, months and years.

How does it work? It’s simple yet highly effective. Much like shifting gears in a vehicle. You have First Gear, Second Gear, Third Gear and OVERDRIVE. When the engine is running the car will move forward no matter which of these four gears you are in. However, each will get you to your destination at a different speed. Some environments like the highway allow you to drive much faster than other environments. In life, there are times when you can focus solely on your physical goals. When life permits you can put it into OVERDRIVE. Obviously, these periods are often rare because sooner or later all hell breaks loose – Deadline at work, child sick, family vacation to Disney World. When faced with these circumstances then it may be necessary to downshift into a lower gear or different eating plan. The beautiful thing is that no matter what plan you are on you will always be moving toward physical improvement.

In the Eating Plans section, you will discover four proven eating plans or should I say gears that will allow for continuous progress. As I stated just a moment ago, these plans are much like a vehicle transmission. The 70% Plan or First Gear will get you going in the right direction while the 80% plan will kick it up a fat burning notch. If you have the need for speed then go for the 90% plan and see if you can handle it. Overdrive is the 100%. It is designed for competitive bodybuilders, fitness models and anyone who is extremely serious and dedicated to burning off every last ounce of fat. Whether you are a professional athlete, a busy executive, full-time mother or even a student, this strategy will propel you to where you want to be faster and easier than ever.

After you decide what eating plan is right for you and how to adapt it to your ever-changing world, then you will learn how to measure your success and modify your plan of attack so that you are losing stubborn lazy fat and not lean chiseled and precious muscle.

At this point, you can instantly begin applying this information with my three phase physical success system: How To Cut Your Body Fat in Half in Less Than 90 Days.

Finally, the Menus chapter where Sports Nutritionist, Chef Christopher Anderson has created a vast library of delicious nutritional options that will make eating effectively easier than ever. When most people begin a “diet” they eat bland tasting, boring foods. This not only leads to crippling hunger and unbearable cravings, but also eminent failure. Now you don’t have to become another victim. The menus will provide simple and easy to prepare foods that taste delicious and incorporate the EAT Principles.

One last thing before you begin. Some of the ideas may be new to you or conflict with what you currently think “works”, therefore, you may hesitate to accept the information as sound. I ask you to read on with an open mind for I can assure you that the principles presented have been thoroughly tested by not only me, but by thousands of others who have successfully achieved a leaner, chiseled physique. However, do not take my word for it. First, find out for yourself. I ask no one to believe anything as fact until you have rigorously tested and applied the principles for yourself. The major evil I request you to avoid is what Aldous Huxley called “preconceived notions”. Preconceived notions are the irresponsible act of forming opinions without facts and personal experimentation. It may be human nature to do this; however, it is essential to not pass judgment until you have thoroughly read and applied the information ahead. I assure you that an open mind combined with consistent action will create the pathway to your future physical success.

“By far the best proof is experience.”
Sir Francis Bacon
English author & philosopher (1561 – 1626)

“It is not enough to know, but we must try to have and use it.”
Greek philosopher (384 BC – 322 BC)