Blog: Effective Eating

“Going Paleo” is trendy right now.  The question I get a lot…

Is the Paleolithic Diet Good or Bad?

Neither.  Here’s the Truth.

The Good: It’s all about eating foods closest to their natural source. Two thumbs up there!  No need to call it a diet.  It’s just snapping us back to the truth that we need to eat less Doritos®, soda, beer and cupcakes.

The Bad: The real challenge with the Paleo diet is the way most of us think.  We tend to be at one extreme or the other.  We want to be “PERFECT” so we ask questions like “Are sweet potatoes Paleo?”  “What about Sweet Potatoes french fries?”  “What about black beans?” “What about bread?”  What about “Paleo bread”?  “Cookies? How about “Paleo Cookies?”

We get confused.  We ask too many questions and end up over-complicating healthy eating.

The key to success to eating better to live your best life is very simple.  It does not require you to read a 300 page book.

Stick with principles.

In this case, Eat Foods Closest To Their Natural Source. Avoid foods with refined flours and sugars more often than not.

Paleo Diet Image

Keep it simple. Make this nutrition principle the foundation of your eating and reap the reap rewards.

Let’s face it.  We know what works.  It’s time to live it!
Live Like a Lion…not a lamb.