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RESULTS…that is what it is all about and in this post you will see how BB3 Super Trainer, Loryn Huff, helped coach one of her clients to an amazing transformation.

 An Interview with Joana 

What inspired you to compete in your first fitness competition?

Joana: I wanted to do something for myself to get into great shape. My daily routine revolves around my children so I really wanted to do something just for me!

What made you decide to have Loryn coach you and design your training and nutrition programs?

Joana: Loryn was my personal trainer after I had my third child and she did amazing job! So when I found out that she competed in Figure and won her last show, I knew she was who I wanted to coach me and prepare me for my show.

What was the most difficult part of your training program?

Joana: Definitely the last week. I eat pretty healthy anyway, so the diet wasn’t too difficult. But the last couple weeks was when it got really strict.

What kept you motivated to hit the gym everyday?

Joana: I’m the type of person who sets a goal and follows through, no matter what! I also wanted to set a good example for my children.

How did using BB3 Supplements help you reach your goal?

Joana:They gave me that edge to increase my lean muscle mass and keep my energy levels up.

What was your favorite food to eat during your competition diet?

Joana: Loryn’s protein muffins! The gave me a bit of sweetness without the added sugar that you can’t have when you’re training for this type of event.

What advice would you give to other moms who want to compete or attain their best body ever?

Joana: When it gets tough just look in the mirror and see how far you’ve come! Give it time, trust the process and you will reach your goal!

Loryn Huff, Champion Figure Competitor, Mom and a Super Trainer at BB3 Training & Nutrition Center.

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