Blog: Living It

I have been in gyms and have seen some ridiculous things.

I must admit that there are some personal trainers who make their clients do absolutely insane movements yet for the most part the worst of the worst happens when people train unsupervised and unfocused.

This video says it all…


Today I was going to write to you about insulin sensitivity and its impact on fat loss but sometimes its best to keep it simple. Never underestimate the power of making someone smile. As the great Ultimate Fighting Champion Georges St. Pierre once said, “When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good you do good.”

A great trainer and coach knows this. If you can’t inspire your client to feel good about what they are doing and start seeing results then they are not going to eat or train according to plan in between sessions.

“If you don’t dig it, you won’t do it.”

Getting our clients to dig their nutrition and training program is one of the small things that make all the difference with the trainers at BB3 Personal Training Center.

They know the science which is the number of sets, reps, nutritional protocols, metabolic rate, etc. But more importantly BB3 Personal Trainers understand the Art of Creating Physical Change. To experience it for yourself just call 954-424-8584 or hit us up by clicking here now. Once you click over type “DIG IT” in the comments section and you will get something special.

“Where the Magic Happens” BB3 Personal Training Center (Photo by Gregg Avedon)