Blog: Mental Conditioning

It has been estimated by scientists that we have approximately 100,000 thoughts per day.
That’s 1.4 thoughts per second.
Obviously, some people have more and some people have less.

Which is better?

To have more thoughts or less thoughts?

Is it the quantity of thoughts or the quality?

Consider this.

Thoughts are like food.
Each thought must be digested and absorbed.
It requires time.

If you eat too quickly then you don’t digest well. With it comes side effects like belching, gas and poor nutrient absorption.

When we have too many thoughts the side effects are emotional. We can feel anxious, overwhelmed, angry or out of control.

This triggers a “fight, flight or freeze” response. The brain says “Danger!”

We shift to survival. From this place we only care about ourselves.

We get in our head. We are no longer in our heart.

This is what I call the “lamb”.

This is fear.
Fear is the birthplace of regret.

The purpose of life is to master fear so that you can live as your Higher Self. The Lion.               The Real You.
The place of Infinite Possibility.

How does this relate to training?

When you train correctly, you focus on the present. You connect to your High Self and you stay connected.

Every time you do this you begin to relearn who you were born to be.

Do you feel like you can do anything?

Sometimes do you feel the opposite?

We all do.

What if you could live from a place of infinite possibilities?

A place of no fear?

What would your life be like?

This is THE most important thing that anyone could ever teach you.

Remember this as you train.

Do not judge. Be Present.

Choose a statement of intent.

For example…

“I AM a Lion because I am here to improve and help others. I Love this!!!”

“Everyday in every way I am getting healthier, happier and stronger!”

“I AM Love. I AM courage. And I refuse to judge or criticize myself or others!”

Doing more work is not the answer.
You will achieve more and be more fulfilled by living in a state of Presence.

Digest one thought at a time.

You are a Lion…not a lamb.


Billy Beck III