Blog: Mental Conditioning

Lions & Lionesses!!!

Comparing yourself with others helps no one. In fact, it does harm in most cases.

All of the world champion athletes that I train all have one thing in common.

They never compared themselves to others.

They ALL compared themselves to the Best version of themselves… the goal was to strive to be their full potential.

We call this the LION.

When you DEVOTE yourself to connecting with that part of you that is UNSTOPPABLE and that part that is Infinite Possibility (Love Based Emotion) then life unfolds perfectly before you and you know it.

You know that everything happens for your benefit… and you are ready… and you use it to better yourself and all that you love and appreciate.

This is the Higher Purpose that drives the Victorious Life!

You were born a Lion…not a lamb.

You must claim it every morning when you Train. It is the REAL YOU!!!