Blog: Mental Conditioning

Lions & Lionesses!
I recently read a book published over 100 years ago. It’s title was very simple but profound.

“Love Your Problems” by Lillian De Waters

Most humans speak incessantly about what went wrong or could go wrong.
Yet these same humans will say “thoughts are things.” & “what you speak, you create.”
If you believe these things why would you go directly against them.
They don’t “believe” these statements of Truth, they agree with them.
So why do they indulge suffering?
The bottom line answer is that many people are addicted to connecting with others through their problems.
They have to tell everyone about their troubles.
How does this help them?
How does this help you?
How does this help the world?
It doesn’t help anyone. It is harmful to you and others and the world.
You are planting the seeds of fear.
If this outrages you then walk to the mirror and ask yourself “what must I believe in order to feel outraged?” 
Discover the root cause.  The programming that triggers negative emotions and actions.
These unconscious rules(beliefs) sabotage you.
Can’t stick to your eating plan?
Keep doing stupid things you know you shouldn’t?
Not following through on important things you know will help you and others?
It ALL comes from the same place.

When you clear the fear-based programming, life is fun and easy. You work hard but it doesn’t feel that way.  It’s how you know you are not just achieving but you are leading a fulfilling life.

So what is the first step?


You must catch yourself in the act. Be aware if your thoughts and negative emotions.

Next, you must claim ownership.  Never blame anyone or anything outside of yourself. Blaming others or circumstances makes you a slave.

 Taking 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life gives you the Power to transform yourself, others and the world.

I’ll stop there for today.
Something to contemplate throughout your day.
These are the little things that lead to massive RESULTS over time.
These are also the traits of the most successful and fulfilled humans I’ve ever known.
You are free to use this knowledge or ignore it.
I did my part. The rest is up to you my friend.

You are no lamb. You were born a Lion.