Blog: Mental Conditioning

Lions & Lionesses!

I’ve said it many times before but there are only two things a human needs in order to achieve anything.

1. ✅An effective plan that you can sustain. (I got you covered here! )

2. 🌟 The mindset to carry it through.(This is up to you. I can only act as a guide).

The Mindset is what limits us all.

“There is always a way when you are DEVOTED.”

The first step and foundation of a Vital & Victorious Life is DEVOTION.

Devotion is different from commitment.

Commitment is limiting. It says “I will not quit but I may be kind of a jerk about it.” Lol!

I am sure we have all been there. I certainly have! 😂🙈

Devotion is commitment combined with a determination to live in Love-based emotion.

Love-based emotion is any positive emotion. It could be courage, determination, discipline, Love, Joy, compassion, or any emotion that uplifts.

Commitment alone often leads to anger, frustration and resentment. It is often rooted in fear(the lamb or ego🐑 )

It’s often difficult for the ego (fear based emotion) to take responsibility for these sort of things.

It is the nature of the ego to be selfish and do whatever it takes to survive. Blame, complain, criticize, condemn, to destroy even those you love – all traits of the ego.

Commitment isn’t bad. It just is what it is.

As soon as we can accept this then we can heal, expand and uplift not only ourselves but others.

This is the path of Devotion.

This is your Best Self or High Self or as we call it here “The Lion or Lioness.”

The only path to create lasting change including extraordinary health, fitness, energy and vitality is through Devotion.

You must learn to LOVETHISSHIT!!! 👁💜💩

The lamb or voice of fear says “I AM not enough. I need to look like this in order to be worthy of the good things in life. Look at him/her it’s so easy for them. That’s not fair!” The lamb seeks to compare, to judge, to control. You get the idea.

It is programmed into most of the population.

The Voice of the Lion is rooted in Devotion.

The Lion/Lioness says..
“I AM here to LOVE and To SERVE!

Life is a gift.

This body is a gift.

This mind is a gift.

It is my choice how I want to live.

I AM Devoted to Giving My Best (not to be perfect but to give my best). And to give my best while in a state of Love-Based emotion.

I AM devoted to forgiving myself and others.

I AM Devoted to Living Like a Lion.
I AM Devoted to Living A Life of no regret.
I AM Devoted to Living Greatly!”

We are here to learn and grow.

The journey is where we learn so I place it in your hands.

You are greater than ANYTHING that stands before you, my friend.

It is all in your hands.

You are made for this!

You were born a LION 🦁
not a 🐑

It is now only a matter of time.

Enjoy the journey.