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Lions & Lionesses!

Most people know what they need to do yet they fail to follow through.  For example, most people know they should avoid certain foods and it’s more beneficial to fuel up on others. And everyone knows that they need to train and not just sit on the couch watching tv or staring at their phone.  It’s not rocket science.

It’s all very simple.

Why do we not follow through?

Understanding why we do what we do can be very complex but if we break it down into a formula it looks like this:

What we think creates how we feel.

How we feel causes us to make decisions to act or not take action.

All of those actions and inactions create your life.

To review:  Thoughts = Feelings = Decisions = Actions = Results

How do we improve our thoughts so we can master this formula?

Self-Awareness is the first step.

You don’t know what you don’t know so in order to improve anything in your life you must be AWARE.

You must be AWARE of your thoughts and what triggers negative emotions.

This is where almost everyone fails.  This is 24/7. This is constant. To master your mind requires vigilance.

Every thought matters.  This is no exaggeration. What you think, you create.

Every thought matters. I am repeating this for effect and because it is important.  This is where humans fail.

They go on auto-pilot.  They try affirmations for 5 minutes a day and say they don’t work. There are 1,440 minutes every day of your life.  Being aware and conscious of your thoughts for 5 minutes won’t help all that much. You must make it your numero uno priority. This is why humans fail.  This is why humans suffer. This is why humans hurt one another. They fail to be aware of their thoughts.  They allow others to “program’ them.

Sounds crazy, you say?  Consider this. What is the purpose of marketing and public relations?

To change your emotional state in order to influence your decisions in order to make you take certain actions like buying something or enrolling in a program.

Don’t forget: Thoughts = Feeling/Emotions = Decisions = Actions/Inactions = Your Life!

Marketers, politicians, Hollywood, companies selling you stuff are all influencing you to do what they want you to do. If you are unconscious and unaware then you don’t even know it.

Look into the science of free will.  Seriously, it will make you see the world differently.

What’s great is that once your are Self-Aware you take back control of you thoughts and your LIFE.

You can be the CREATOR of your life if you decide to.  Or you can allow others to steer your life for their benefit.

It’s up to you. I am sharing this to inform you and hopefully, inspire you to take back what is your right.

The right to be free to create your life the way you desire.

There is a quote from the Dali Llama that you may want to consider.

You are the Creator of circumstance, not a victim of it or anything.

Life is what you make it.

You were born a lion, not a lamb.


Billy Beck III

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