Blog: Mental Conditioning

The other day I was conditioning a group of basketball players.  I had a tough time finding a parking spot so I ended up parking about 1/2 mile from the gymnasium.

I had two large buckets with medicine balls in them.  Each weighing over 50 lbs with a skinny handle that cut into my hands.

On the way in I stopped a few times to check my iPhone for directions so it wasn’t a big deal.

I went in and did my thing.  I distinctly remember yelling “CHALLENGE CREATES CHANGE”

“Give your Best…only you know if you gave your Best! That is Success!”

After wrapping up with the team, I began my 1/2 mile march towards my blacked out Jeep Rubicon.

Soon my traps were burning, then my mid-back caught on fire…at least it felt that way…then I thought.

“I could take a break and all of the pain will go away.

or…I could gut it out and see what I’ve got.  Can I really make it the entire way back without resting. 

Can I endure the pain?

or will I shy away and cower from the fear of discomfort.

No one will ever know. I’m the only one here. 

But the most important person’s opinion of me is me.

Am I a LION or a lamb?”

I saw a vision of past coaches with beer bellies, really short shorts (you know the BIKE shorts) and a whistle. Blowing the whistle and yelling “one more” fifteen times in a row as we all gasped for what seemed like our last breath.

Never would I let that be me.  I will lead by example..not to impress anyone…but to see what I am made of and to inevitably become more.  To fulfill my potential.

I didn’t think I would ever share this but I felt compelled to share this because there is a lesson here.

What do you do when no one is looking?

Do you avoid challenges or do you embrace them?