Blog: Physical Training

Most personal trainers look like they know what they are doing yet the truth is that just because you are in shape does not qualify you to effectively train others.

Look around.  Every body is different. And with those differences programs must be designed specifically to guide that person safely, effectively towards their desired goal. The problem is most personal trainers, classes and diets are all designed as if we are all identical.

Cookie Cutter Programs Don’t Work.

It doesn’t take Einstein to figure this out. If they did we would all look and feel amazing.

95% of the people who begin a diet or exercise program quit, get injured or fail within the first 30 days.

We as a nation are getting fatter and fatter and our kids are getting even fatter than their parents. It’s time to stop buying into all the hype of the diets, the 1,000 calorie workout DVDs, the info-mercial gadgets, gym memberships, unqualified personal trainers and all the other garbage that simply does not work.  It’s time to take responsibility for your body and your life. But how?

To achieve your physical goals requires a unique blend of what I call the


More importantly, is that each of the 3 Pillars is Dose Dependent.  Just yesterday I was at a race and one of our BB3 Clients was telling me how her trainer always knows how to modify her program each time so that she doesn’t feel like a train wreck.  She feels challenged, energized and ready to take on the rest of her day.  And she’s lost 80 pounds in the process.

Most workouts are designed to kick your ass.  But what’s the goal?  Is it to get sore and feel like a train wreck or is the goal to burn fat, add lean muscle and feel awesome? 

There’s more to transforming your body than getting your ass kicked.

If you want to laugh and see what a lot of people think it takes to get in shape then watch this video.

I was first introduced to EURO TRAINING by my good friend, long-time client and NFL Super Bowl Champion, Kim Herring.  Enjoy!  I love this video!