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In this video series featuring my long time client Adam Meyer, I share one of my proven fat burning protocols to lose fat, build muscle and speed metabolism.  I call it INFERNO.

INFERNO = Fat Loss

INFERNO is a lactate threshold protocol which basically means it’s going to burn like H-E-double hockey sticks. This burn as you probably know is caused by an accumulation of lactic acid. What you may not know is the body’s response to this state. The body’s main objective is always survival beyond anything else.  When the muscles are engorged with lactic acid they can no longer contract. In survival terms (think caveman avoiding sabertooth tiger), this means you can not “FIGHT or FLIGHT”.  Essentially, your chances of survival are not good in this lactic acid induced state.  The body’s response is to remove the excess lactic acid so the pituitary gland releases growth hormone (GH) to help do so. Growth hormone burns fat, builds muscle and makes you better looking. The greater the burn the greater the GH release.  🙂

Proven to Work in the Trenches

The INFERNO is not some workout that I dreamed up for this video.  I have put it to the test over the last 6 years (2005) and it has delivered. Otherwise, I would not be sharing it.  When combined with the right nutrition and a focused mindset you can expect to lose 0.5% body fat per week (although many times we see a greater reduction in fat).

Challenge = Change

What’s great about this video rather than just a print out of the program is that you will see what level of intensity is required to create physical change. Be aware that not everyone is at Adam’s level.  He has been training for years.  It is up to you to determine where to start. I suggest starting with 1 set and progressing to 2 sets and then 3 sets per circuit. The key is to challenge the body.

A Common Mistake That Renders the INFERNO Ineffective

One last point I would like to emphasize is to time your rest periods with a stopwatch. Do not guess-timate. Specific rest periods produce specific results. Most people rest way too long.  If you need to lighten the weight to complete the sets then do it.


If you have any questions about what exercises to perform or anything else regarding the INFERNO then post them in the comments section.

Adam Before

Adam After