Blog: Physical Training

Personal Trainers Suck…most of them anyway. If you can find a great one like a BB3 Super Trainer then you have discovered Pure GOLD!

A great trainer is not easy to find. Anyone can be a trainer. All you have to do is say “I’m a trainer.” and you are a trainer.

So you need a CERTIFIED Personal Trainer. Right? Well, Last time I checked there were over 400 different personal training certifications and most are not worth the paper they are printed on. In fact, I know someone who had there cat certified online. True story.

This year I am focusing my energy on two areas:

  1. Teaching Others How to Create Lasting Physical Change. Click here
  2. Raising the standard for personal trainers.

With our planet as a whole becoming increasingly more fat and unhealthy it’s time to take a stand. While it is imperative for each of us to take full responsibility for our bodies and our lives, we need leaders…that is, we need great personal trainers and coaches to help lead the way.

We need to teach this generation of parents how to take control of their health and fitness so that the children of this generation do not suffer as a result of their parents example but are rather uplifted and inspired by them.

It’s certainly a challenge but as with anything, it is achievable.

In the meantime, watch this funny personal trainer video. Unfortunately, it not far from the truth. If you are a personal trainer or if you have worked with a trainer let me know what you think in the comments section.

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