Blog: Physical Training

Most people attempt to change their body by using one method. They might try exercising, starting a new diet or taking a supplement. While each of these may produce some results eventually they plateau, grow frustrated and quit.

There is no one secret ingredient. Burning fat, building muscle and optimizing performance will never be accomplished with one single tactic. It requires a combination of ingredients. To achieve the body you desire you need the full recipe.

When combined in the proper amounts, the Pillars of Power will support and nourish one another allowing for continuous progress.

Here’s how it works.

The first step is to create the destination in your mind. You must know what you want. Each day you must envision how you want to feel and look like. You must create your ideal. This daily mental exercise conditions your mind to keep you on course even when you would rather stay in bed and eat cookies.

The next step is to begin nourishing the body with the right combination and quality of nutrients so that it creates an internal environment conducive to burning fat, adding lean muscle and speeding metabolism.

And last but not least, Physical Training. Resistance training stimulates the body to build muscle and speed metabolism. Cardiovascular conditioning is implemented in order to strengthen the heart and circulation. The circulatory system delivers nutrients to needed areas of the body to speed the regeneration process and burn fat.

Each Pillar of Power is equally important and no one is more important than the other two. Much like a 3-legged stool with each leg representing one of the three Pillars of Power.

If any one of the three is missing or deficient then frustration will ensue and eventually your efforts will collapse.