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I don’t have cable or internet in my house.

I know it’s weird but it allows me to be much more productive and read a lot. However, when I travel I can’t wait to turn on the little TV on the back of the airplane seat!

On my most recent travels, my flight left at 6:10 am. When I flipped on the mini-TV, there was info-mercial after infomercial selling workout videos, ab devices and even a cream to burn belly fat.

I clicked off the TV and opened up the Sky Mall magazine and inside more of the same devices for sale! All promising to get you ripped without dieting.

So let me clear this up with a bit of recent research.

A six week study conducted at Southern Illinois University found that performing endless repetitions of abdominal exercises had ZERO effect on body weight, body fat percentage, abdominal fat percentage, waist circumference or abdominal skin fold measurements.

(source: Journal Strength Conditioning Research, 25: 2559-2564, 2011)

What did improve was abdominal endurance. In other words they got really good at doing abdominal exercises. If your goal is to get really good at doing ab exercises then hit 30 minutes of abs a few times per week. If your goal is to burn fat, then train the abdominals with less volume, much like other muscle groups.

What you can take away from this research

Working your abs will not burn fat off of your abs. To burn fat you need to eat in a manner that releases fat for fuel, you must train all of the muscles in your body and you must provide the body with adequate rest and recovery.

...and never buy some ridiculous ab device or 30 minute ab workout video (sorry Jillian, love ya but I gotta tell the truth.) They don’t burn fat from your belly. Got it?

Good. 🙂

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