Blog: Physical Training

This is part of a video series did on my client Adam Meyer. In this video, I take Adam through a R.A.W. workout I call the PILLARS of PAIN. Although I use endless variations of this protocol I am going to give you two versions here.

The Original PILLARS of PAIN

PILLAR 1: Tire Carry 20 meters and back

PILLAR 2: Keg Farmer’s Walk 20 meters and back

PILLAR 3: Sled Rope Row 60 foot rope

PILLAR 4: Hummer Push 200 meters & Run Back

Rest 60 seconds

Complete 3 Circuits

Indoor Gym Version

PILLAR 1: Clean & Press 10 reps

PILLAR 2: Walking Lunges 10 reps

PILLAR 3: Chin-ups 10 reps

PILLAR 4: Squats 20 reps

Rest 60 seconds

Complete 1-4 Circuits


I probably don’t even need to say this but this is NOT a beginner workout. Be sure you are healthy and able. Begin with one set, keep tight form, rest a little longer if you need to and gradually progress. It is the small tiny steps in the right direction that create greatness. Strive for progress.

A common mistake is that most people think they need a severe ass whooping to achieve the look they want. This is not true. You only need to stimulate the body, not annihilate it.

Now enough talk let’s get to it. No matter where you are in terms of conditioning, take action!

Inaction is poison and Action is the cure!

Live Greatly,

Billy Beck III